September 11, 2017

My FLYONE – Your personal account on the FLYONE web site.

FLYONE airline offers to its passengers possibility to use new and convenient on-line service – personal account My FLYONE on the official web site on the ticket price selection page available to the Passenger choosed already date and destination of travel.

My FLYONE it’s a personal account of Passenger who pays tickets bought on official web site personal or this account can be created and used by the person who make the orders behalf of Passenger. In order to create personal account My FLYONE Passenger have to register one time only during the stage of price choice and for all future bookings always identify himself on the stage of introduction of personal data of traveller. Following this procedure when you buy tickets on all your bookings will be saved in your personal account and Passenger access to his bookings are limited only by login and password.

One of the main benefits of your personal account My FLYONEe is a possibility to buy additional services of FLYONE, changes in the date of travel and even refund procedures. Booking cancelation is available as for the Passengers paid their tickets on by credit card and also for those who used electronic payment system QIWI. Refund procedure is automated process but depends on the payment instrument additional information from the Passenger side will be required by “Customer Service” team of FLYONE.


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