July 30, 2018

Fly One, being in a continuous process of improving its services, and for the convenience of its passengers, extends the list of airports where the on-line registration service is available. Thus, from August 1, 2018, on-line registration service is also available for take-off flights from Charle-de-Gaulle International Airport, Paris.

Web check-in is available on the company’s website, www.flyone.md, and is a convenient and easy to use service. Thus, the passenger can make the online registration without leaving the house or office that begins 24 hours and closes 4 hours before the flight. During the on-line registration, the passenger can choose not only the desired place in the aircraft but also purchase the additional services of the company.

If the passenger travels only with hand luggage, printing the boarding pass and arriving at the airport, he can avoid showing the registration at the airport, passing only customs control and security check.