June 10, 2017

Summing up the first year of operation on air transportation market of Republic of Moldova, FLY ONE thanks their passengers and partners for their loyalty, noting not only the growth of FLY ONE market share within the 5 month of 2017 up to 12% of the total volume of passengers used Chisinau airport, but also the dynamic growth of transported passengers carried on with the first year of its activity exceeded 265 thousands. It is important to note that with the beginning of the summer season FLY ONE increased the number of daily flights Moscow to Chisinau up to 4 daily flights, linking them with FLY ONE flights from Chisinau to European destinations of its route network (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain), developing the transfer flow of passengers from Russia to Europe using base FLY ONE airport as a connecting point. As a result of the first two month summer season (april/may) the number of transfer passengers transported by FLY ONE from Russia to Europe via airport of Chisinau exceeds 1000.
The dynamic development of the FLY ONE would not have been possible without the expansion of aircraft fleet. Being operator of Airbus A320 family, FLY ONE fleet includes today the newest airplanes.
Coming on the market of air travel in Republic of Moldova, FLY ONE offered to the passengers entirely new destination for Moldova such as Parma, Valencia, Voronez, Vnukovo (Moscow). More then 28 thousand of passengers used already the benefits of them. On July,15 FLY ONE will launces its sixth new destination in 2017 – Birmigham, completing the formation of its route network in 2017 covered 13 regular destination and 4 destinations operated as seasonal charter.

FLY ONE airline – fast growing air carrier on the Moldovan air market with the route network covering 13 regular destinations: Birmingham, Valencia, Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, Paris, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Milan, Rome, Verona, Venice, Parma and also 4 seasonal charter routes: Antalya, Izmir, Heraklion, Rodos.
Fleet of the first private Moldovan airlines based on Airbus Family and includes 3 aircrafts type of Airbus A320 and one aircraft type of Airbus A319.
According to the results of first five month of 2017, FLY ONE airlines holds 12% of the total number of passengers served in the international airport of Chisinau.
Air tickets on FLY ONE flights can be purchased on the official web site www.flyone.md, as well as in authorizes agencies on the territory of Moldova and abroad.