March 23, 2017

Dear passengers, in the beginning of the year, we promised that we will prepare lots of surprises for you. Today, one has already become available.

Starting with March, 21, the flight with Fly One also becomes delicious, because you will benefit from the finest menus that you will ever find onboard of an air craft. Our chefs have prepared it with much love and passion, especially for you.

You can choose between the three available menus: Traditional, Mediterranean or Classic and try the polenta with pork stew, baked salmon with rice and vegetables or choose the couscous with chicken fillet with cheese sauce.

The menus can be ordered online, when booking the ticket on and authorized agencies, 2 hours before the flight from Chisinau International Airport. The price of this delight is of exactly 10 Euros!

We are looking forward to seeing you onboard of our airplanes.

Fly One, Be the One!