March 27, 2019

FLYONE is excited to announce its new strategic partnership with Travelfusion platform, the world’s leading travel content aggregator. This cooperation will add value to our customers and make our services available globally. We are confident that this partnership will help us to reach our markets more efficiently.

FLYONE CEO Mircea Maleca said: ''I am very pleased with this partnership, and I am delighted to have Travelfusion’ support at improving our distribution platform. This cooperation highlights FLYONE’ quality of services, and we will continue to provide efficient solutions to our customers''.

''As the largest LCC aggregator in the world, we are delighted to add Flyone to our 360+ airline portfolio. With our global reach, rich functionality and state of the art tfPay settlement solution we make it as easy as possible for all our leisure and corporate customers to shop, book and manage Flyone's content, commented Moshe Rafiah CEO, Travelfusion''.  

Moreover, a significant advantage of this partnership is the ability of our worldwide partners to book our services through Travelfusion’ efficient platform. This way, FLYONE provides similar prices to our webpage by avoiding additional charges of expensive distribution channels.

Similar to all our projects, FLYONE tends to implement practical solutions that will help deliver high-quality services and affordable prices to our customers.