November 16, 2016

Summer in Valencia together with FlyOne

June 2017 will be a milestone for Moldova’s aviation and for country’s residents. For the first time will be operated a direct flight Chisinau-Valencia, opened by FlyOne airline.The third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, ​ located between the region of Catalonia, the chief architect of which for many years was Antonio Gaudi and the southern Andalusia, Valencia attracts with its magnificent architecture with a strong influence of Moorish style, pleasing the eye with a variety of colors and contrasts, from the narrow streets and blue domes of churches to avant-garde designs. Now for just 85 euros, you can visit the unique City of Arts and Science – a symbol of the connection of culture and knowledge.The complex includes six buildings with different forms, each of which is devoted to a separate field of art, science or culture, including the famous Oceanarium. Another attraction is the park Gulliver: a children’s playground in the shape of a giant body of the hero of the novel by Jonathan Swift – where the kids expect a lot of water slides and other attractions.Those interested in the history of architecture, will not leave indifferent the Cathedral, built in the XIII century and Serranos gates erected at the end of the XIV century as the main entrance to the city. Special attention deserve the twin towers of the Torres de Quart in the heart of the city, built in the architectural style of late Gothic architecture in the XV century. Valencia is famous for its beaches, the famous Malvarrosa, Cabanal-Arenas, Pinedo, El Saler, La Devesa and Recati. And another thing: Valencian cuisine is one of the healthiest in Europe.Meat, fish and seafood prepared with great care and skill. So, since June 6, every Tuesday and Saturday for only 85 euros you can get to Valencia. The flights will be operated by aircraft type Airbus A320. Tickets can already be purchased from website, in our own Fly One sales offices and authorized agencies in Moldova and abroad.

September 13, 2016

Lost or dammaged luggage?

FlyOne Airline shall assume responsibility for the compensation in case of baggage damage or loss, the amount being in accordance with the national legislation and international agreements in force.We ensure that we will do our best so that you could benefit from assistance in such cases.In the unlikely event that your luggage is missing, damaged or delayed, please submit the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) in the airport of your arrival in the lost luggage area.CAUTION: in case that the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) has not been completed in the airport of your arrival, Airline FlyOne takes no responsibility for undertaking search and compensation actions.To help us to provide quick solutions we require that you submit mandatorily to the e-mail address [email protected] a loss or damage file with the following mandatory content:• Property Irregularity Report (PIR) completed in the airport where the loss or damage was discovered.• Your name and permanent address.• Phone number.• The flight number and the date of travel.• The ticket number• The label scanned on both sides or the original label of the checked baggage on both sides.• Pictures which clearly show the visible damage **. The airline FlyOne take responsibility to settle your claim within the statutory period under the laws in force.If the checked baggage does not arrive with the passenger to whom it belongs, after completing the Property Irregularity Report on (PIR), in accordance with the provisions of the Montreal Convention, the airline FlyOne assumes responsibility for the search of the checked baggage within 45 days, after its loss has been declared.To submit your loss or damage file please click here.* Notified irregularities – damage or loss of luggage that the company has been informed about in writing, complying with regulations.** Available in event of damaged suitcases.


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