Transporting Pets

August 21, 2018

FLYONE accepts to transport dogs and cats, only with the company’s preventive agreement. Their transportation will be made in special

containers and only in the cabin. Transporting the animals in the luggage department is prohibited.

The special conditions of transportation in/from Great Britain, Ireland and Portugal make this task impossible to the company.

When buying the ticket, the passenger needs to inform the agent about the intention of transporting animals. An additional tax of 50 EUR will be perceived for transporting animals, so that the animals’, food’s and containers’ weight will not be included in the free luggage weight limit.

The total weight of the container, admitted to the transportation, must not exceed 8 kg and the sum of the sizes – 115 cm (50 x 40 x 25).

In order to be accepted on board, the passenger needs to sign a special declaration, stating the fact that he assumes all the responsibility for transporting pets. Only one pet per passenger can be accepted for transportation.

The airline company cannot be held responsible for injuring, loosing, sickness or death of the transported animal, as for them not being accepted to the destination in the transition point.

In order to transport pets, the passenger needs to present the following documents and comply with the following conditions:

  • the pet’s passport
  • the special certificate of the animal’s health
  • the vaccination notebook
  • the export/import/transit permit
  • the animal needs to have an electronic device (transponder) or a visible tattoo

The passengers that travel with animals to the EU countries from non-EU countries must comply with the requests for animals’ transportation according to the Rules (CE) Nr. 998/2003 that include the following:

  • identification: the transported animal must be identified through an electronic device (transponder) and have a health certificate, issued by an officially designated veterinary by the state’s responsible authority from the country the animal comes from (or at re-entering EU with an EU type passport), which attests the validity of the rabies vaccination and compliance with all the sanitary norms from these Rules
  • the rabies vaccination: the animal must have the rabies vaccination and an ulterior blood analysis, in order to identify the anti-bodies in the blood and, thus, verify the efficacy of the vaccine. The test can be performed at least 30 days after the vaccination and three months before travelling, in a laboratory authorized by CE.

Note: the three months waiting period does not apply in case of re-entering EU of an animal whose passport certifies the positive blood test prior to the animal leaving EU

  • No animals smaller than 7 (seven) months, who have not received the rabies vaccine and did not have the blood test, will be admitted to transportation

In order to transport pets, the passenger needs to take into account the following:

The pet must:

  • Be clean, healthy, not dangerous
  • Not be pregnant
  • Not bother the passengers
  • Be booked at least 24 hours prior to the flight, indicating the special code PETC, weight and dimensions of the container
  • Must be in an adequate container, must be able to sit on its legs naturally, turn, lay down (except the guide pets)
  • Be transported in the saloon and not in the luggage department

The container:

  • Is prohibited to be placed on a seat
  • The maximum weight of the container and animal must not exceed 8 kg
  • The maxim sum of the sizes must not exceed 115 cm (25 x 40 x 50)
  • Be bought by the passenger (belong to him)
  • Be well ventilated, well fixed, made of a rough material, with an absorbing floor, which cannot be easily destroyed by animals (excluded: cardboard boxes for cats)
  • When buying the container, the passenger must take into account the animal’s dimensions, according to the following indications:

The Guide Pets are community dogs that accompany the passengers with reduced mobility, especially the blind ones. The passengers that travel along with community dogs will inform the company about this fact in the moment of booking the ticket.

The Guide Pets (dogs) can be freely accepted, provided that the following conditions are complied:

  • The weight and size may be restricted by the aircraft’s type
  • The passenger will present a certificate, confirming the status of Guide Pet
  • Walking around the airplane is prohibited
  • They cannot occupy a chair
  • They must not be placed in a container
  • They must wear a muzzle or leash

If you intend to transport pets, we recommend you consult the veterinary service of the Chisinau Airport, prior to the flight. + 373 22 52-54-89


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